Welcome to Vedanta Consultancy

'Vedanta Consultancy' is a business consultancy organization, formed by senior technocrats of complementary potentials, to render consultancy services related to Business Turn around, Knowledge Management, HR/Learning & Development and Project Management for infrastructure development and industrial projects.

Vedanta Consultancy

Knowledge Management | Business Turnaround | Learning & Development | Project Management

We support C-C-C of Success

  • Co-operative Endeavour
  • Consistency
  • Concentration

Quick review of Present Status?

Managers' concerns:

  • Resources are unavailable when needed or promised
  • We have frequent conflicts with resources and resource managers
  • There's too much rework!
  • You define...

Board of Director's concerns:

  • Organization is too slow responding to important opportunities.
  • Some Business avenues are abandoned or completed without the organization gaining the expected benefit.
  • Lead times for response are too long!
  • You define...

Resources' concerns:

  • Priorities are constantly changing!
  • Projects are undertaken without consideration of limited resources
  • Many resources are close to burn out at times
  • We have to compromise scope/quality to meet the time lines
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Resource managers' concerns:

  • We feel pressured to increase staff to handle peak Business demands
  • We have frequent conflicts with various Business Heads
  • Scope/content is too often compromised to meet dates or budgets
  • There‚Äôs too much rework!
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