A. Management Consultancy: Business Turnaround

  • Business turnaround through
    • Knowledge conversion
    • Management System
    • Critical Business Analysis
    • Corporate Governance & Human Appreciation
  • Business Process Analysis & tools
    • Business Process Assessment
    • Business Process Re-engineering
    • Business Perspective Reviews
    • Enterprise Management
    • Design & Development of effective systems.

Solution Process

Solution Process

Business Benefits

Direct Indirect
Enhanced Moral & Management Values. Organization Image overhaul and Market positioning.
Improved Governance of Business Processes. Scaling Financially and across Geography.
Scintillating work culture and quality Human Resource. Opens up the opportunities for Organic as well as Inorganic Growth.
Matured Expressions of Stakeholders. Opens up Joint Venture and Investment opportunities.
Increased Efficiency and profitability. Many more…
Many more…  

B. Knowledge Management

We believe 'Improvement requires Change'
Your existing system is designed to deliver the results you’re currently getting;
If you want different results, you must change the SYSTEMS!


  • Identify Concerns & Constraints
  • Develop the mechanism for Knowledge sharing and effective monitoring
  • Identify: What to change? To what to Change? How to cause the change? Overcoming the resistance to change.
  • Develop Solutions from stakeholders perspective
  • Implement solution at Process, Product/Services, People dimensions

C. Learning & Development and Human Resource

  • Processes management: End to end process assessment customization, alignment & calibration vis a vis business objectives
  • Portfolio Management: End to end portfolio outsourcing & management
  • Products: Customized L&D Interventions, Capability Development Initiatives & Programs aligned to business objectives

D. Project Management

Project Management Process:

  • The application of Knowledge, Skills, Tools & Techniques to Project activities in order to meet Project Requirements
  • Developing Project Management perspective and Roadmap.
  • Planning the optimization of Project process with Global benchmarking.
  • Developing the mechanism for Knowledge sharing and effective monitoring.
  • Project closure and hand over.

Project Management:

Project Feasibility, Project Planning, Project Management & Project execution in following sector

* Energy Sector * Education Sector
* Infrastructure Sector * IT & ITES